"Rachel Jones is simply a gift. She offers an intuitive and technical study of acting that empowers the actor to find what works for his/her instrument."


Jody Green, Actor / Director, Great Barrington, MA.



"Working one on one with Rachel is a true pleasure.  She creates an environment where I can feel comfortable exploring and taking risks with my acting.  Her ability to know how far to push me in my work and to give sound advice and notes is unmatched.  I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me in opening up what has been inside for a long time.  Her sage advice has and will continue to aid me in reaching my goals for the future and has led me to not only view her as a teacher but also as a friend and mentor."


Luis Diaz,  Actor, Los Angeles, CA

"It has been my privilege to know Rachel and to work with her for almost seven years now. As a teacher and as a director, Rachel creates a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment in which to explore, play, and dare to go deeper; this enables her students and actors to discover internal emotional treasures which enhance their understanding of the character and their performance. Her insight, compassionate guidance, and spot-on instincts are rare and wonderful qualities in a director.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with her anytime!"

Kathryn Neville Browne, nominated for Outstnding Supporting Actress at the 2011 Indie Soap Awards for her starring role as Sandra Haven in "Empire"

In my work as an instructor, mentor and performer, I had the pleasure to work with gifted and talented professionals. Very few people leave an impact and impression which alters your thoughts, feelings and actions. Rachel Jones is that person. She is a director/teacher you meet once in a life time. Her gifts transcend above her kindness and compassion. She is genuine, intuitive and more importantly able to convey her vision as a director to her students and cast in a meaningful way. Her understanding of the emotional depth of the character I portrayed helped me to understand the role and deliver an emotional performance. I am honored to have had her as my teacher. Om

Osi Mizrahi


Rachel Jones is a born teacher, a gifted teacher, a student's teacher. She gently and purposefully takes you by the hand and, no matter your experience or skill level, leads you to a land of personal fulfillment that few teachers of any kind are able to deliver. Rachel's simple, honest and insightul nurturing gave me a newfound confidence. If all teachers were as good as Rachel, this world would be a happier and smarter place. Her unerring insight into human behavior, which has benefited me as a person as much as a performer, can be summed up in two words: Trust Yourself. To get going, trust me: Act now and contact Rachel Jones.


Bruce Apar 

"Students are lucky to study with Rachel Jones, a teacher with vast creativity and a deep, nurturing heart."


Howard Meyer , Artistic Director Axial Theatre 


Rachel Jones is an outstanding acting teacher. She creates a warm, nonjudgmental environment in which both beginning and more experienced acting students feel comfortable exploring the craft. Her use of Meisner techniques help students learn to be “in the moment” and act truthfully in scenes and exercises. Her thoughtful and sensitive critiques serve to both motivate and inspire her students to dig deeper and explore characters more fully. Rachel has inspired many of her students to go on to become serious actors. But even those who take her classes for entertainment or out of curiosity will find that her teachings enhance the richness of their lives.


Nancy Intrator actress

I've never had a teacher quite like Rachel. She's kind, caring and very dedicated to each of her student's journey as actors inside and outside of her classroom. She's very effective and highly demands the best from her students. From Meisner to emotional preparation, the student will learn a variety of techniques from Rachel. I've been to other acting classes, and Rachel's is the only one that has made me feel comfortable on stage putting up a scene. I wish I could take her on every audition I go to! You won't regret stepping into her classroom.

- Rofa Abayon (student of Rachel's from 2013-2014)