Acting I: Basic Technique and Scene Study

We begin to build a technique through exercises using sense memory and imagination. The principles of how to create simple imaginary reality and work truthfully,  moment-to-moment, in acting are explored in depth.

During acting classes Scenes and Monologues are used weekly as a vehicle for the student to apply the tools of the acting technique to written material.

No experience is necessary.

7 week session $238.00



Acting II: Intermediate and Advanced,

Technique and Scene Study

This acting class  provides a laboratory for the serious acting student or professional actor to continue to enrich and expand their use of technique. Challenging exercises, scenes and monologues help build rehearsal skills and support the actor in the continuing challenges of interpreting text and developing characters.

Prerequisite: Basic Technique Acting Class and Scene Study or instructor’s permission

 7 week session $238.00


Individual Instruction and Audition Coaching

Individual Acting Lessons are Available By Appointment


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