“Acting is the art of living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

-Sanford Meisner


Registration for Acting Classes in CT 

Will be starting soon for Fall  2017

For Questions or To Register , call  203-788-2533



Welcome to the Actors Circle!

We are located in Brookfield, Ct 


The best acting classes will teach you that truth and imagination are the building blocks of a solid acting technique.

In our acting classes, we will lead you into exercises and improvisations that help you to discover the methods that work best for you. You will learn to freely follow your creative impulses and come to know your own unique acting instrument.  Our acting classes provide a rehearsal-like atmosphere .... students work on scenes and monologues that help them to build their craft.

Beginning level through advanced level actors welcome!


At The Actor’s Circle, we believe that the greatest risks can be taken when a

student feels nurtured and supported in the acting class...


*Located in Brookfield, Connecticut, serving Fairfield and Litchfield Counties